Plastic Surgery Study Reveals You Are What You Look Like

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It’s no secret that we all jump to snap judgments about people based on what they look like. This includes everything from how we dress to whether we take the time to do our hair & makeup.

But a recent study published in the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery journal revealed that people perceive much more about the way you look than you might think.

Others may think of you as “more likeable” just by your facial expressions!

Facial Profiling: Judging Who You Are

In what the author of this study (Dr. Michael Reilly) describes as “facial profiling”, it seems that humans have learned to analyze others’ facial expressions as a means of determining their intentions toward us.

We make snap judgments about a person’s personality, how they are feeling, and whether or not they are friendly based on their facial expressions. He goes on to describe that we look at specific features of the face, specifically the eyes and the mouth, to make this determination.

In an interview that was published in the Huffington Post on April 13, 2015, Dr. Reilly is quoted as saying,

“…if the corners of someone’s mouth are turned down at rest, they are not going to be judged as likeable or as socially skilled since it appears that they are sad or angry.”

Facial Plastic Surgery Can Change How People Perceive You

When someone’s facial expression (when not engaging with someone) has elements such as a downward turned mouth or their eyes appear tired, people can perceive them as unhappy, upset, or unfriendly.

The opposite is true for people with full cheeks, perky lips, and youthful-looking eyes. In the study that was revealed in the JAMA journal, they took 30 Caucasian women who had recently had facial plastic surgery.

Surprisingly, these post-op women were rated higher for attributes such as social skills, attractiveness, and being more likeable. Dozens of people looked at the pre-op & post-op images and assessed six qualities:

  1. Social Skills
  2. Likelihood to be Outgoing
  3. Likeability
  4. Trustworthiness
  5. Risk-Seeking
  6. Aggressiveness

Study participants had no changes in perceived judgment regarding personality traits such as being outgoing, aggressive, trustworthy, or risk seeking after looking at post-op images.

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