Social media has recently blown up about Meg Ryan. When she presented this year’s Tony Awards recently, many people noticed she didn’t look the same. Twitter was busting at the seams with tweets like, “What happened to Meg Ryan’s face?”

It wasn’t because they thought she looked better than ever; it was quite the opposite. People criticized Ryan’s appearance and accused her of having bad plastic surgery.

Some of Ryan’s fans came to her defense saying, “Let’s all drag Meg Ryan for having tried to keep up with the youth-worshipping world we live in and then talk about how badly she did it!”

Plastic Surgery Shaming Must End

Plastic Surgery Shaming: What Celebrities Deal With Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYCThe reason we decided to touch on this subject is because plastic surgery shaming is still alive and well. Even though the number of people seeking cosmetic procedures is increasing year after year, people still point the finger and ridicule the changes.

This is disappointing to us as plastic and cosmetic surgeons because the goal of a procedure is to improve people’s lives. We want our patients to smile when they look in the mirror, so they can walk out into the world being proud and confident.

The last things people should feel are shame and regret because they decided to beautify themselves. That’s not why we do what we do.

It’s important for members of society to step back and put themselves in other people’s shoes. Remind themselves what it feels like to look in the mirror and not like something about their face or body. And then, think about what it feels like to have that undesirable feature changed to something much more in line of what they want. The joy can be overwhelming.

The sad part is that when plastic surgery recipients face the world with their much improved face or body, instead of being embraced and congratulated, they are sometimes poked at and made fun of. How incredibly disappointing is that?

Plastic surgery shaming has to stop. It has to stop now…in 2016. No one should be made to feel bad, especially because of their appearance. It doesn’t matter what other people think – the decision to be happy starts with each individual.

What Needs to Be Done

The world is a complicated place. Societal standards tell people what they should look like or what they shouldn’t look like, but when people try to conform, they are hit. Let’s change that. Let’s start to see every single person as an individual who is beautiful. Let’s start to embrace individuality. And if someone wants to seek plastic surgery to beautify themselves, let’s embrace that.

We all need to come together and love one another today, tomorrow, and forever – plastic surgery enhancements and all.