Plastic Surgery Products NOT to Waste Your Money On - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York

The Internet has exploded with products that promise to enhance one’s appearance. Some of the products even suggest they can alter your features as much as plastic surgery can.

One of these products is a nose-shaping tool. This is popular among the Asian population because many people of this descent visit plastic surgeons with a desire to narrow the width of their nose. The clothespin-like device is placed on the nostrils to squeeze them together. The instructions say to wear it for 30 minutes a day for desired results. The retail price is $29.99.

There’s also a product that claims to slim the face. This device holds the mouth open very wide, which supposedly elongates the face. Over time, the manufacturer claims the stretching will slim the face. It costs $85.

For those who want to allegedly stimulate breast growth and firmness, there’s a rolling pin type device on the market. The unit simply rolls on top of and over the sides of the breasts. The manufacturers report this can promote breast tissue growth. A cream is included for extra boosting. The retail price is under $100.

The Truth About These Products

Plastic Surgery Products NOT to Waste Your Money On - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York

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As much as you may want to change the shape of your nose, slim your face, or enlarge your breasts for under a hundred bucks, it’s simply not possible. These products are a waste of money.

If these products worked, they would all be sold out and breast implant manufacturers would be out of business. These schemes are too good to be true.

The reason this industry has blown up is because people want to change their appearance without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, it’s just not possible to achieve drastic or even minimal results without surgery.

A cosmetic procedure is the only way to get the results you really want for the nose, face, and breasts. Rhinoplasty can give you a narrower nose. A facelift can slim, tone, and lift your face. Breast augmentation can give you a bigger, perkier bust.

Saving money instead of wasting it on products that won’t help you is the best way to achieve your aesthetic goals. For those who can’t afford to put down thousands of dollars for a rhinoplasty, facelift, or breast augmentation, financing options are available.

Affording Plastic Surgery in Long Island and NYC

Stop throwing your money away. You worked hard for it. Start saving your money and using it towards real results. If you can’t afford a surgical procedure, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York for help. We offer excellent financing options to help make the cost more affordable.

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