Many plastic surgery myths are roaming around, and we want to take this opportunity to demystify them. We do this a lot in our free consultations when patients come in with questions about information they’ve received from the Internet or people they know. With this article, we hope to educate many of you who may have been misinformed.

Cosmetic and plastic surgery are the same.

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No, cosmetic and plastic surgery are not the same. The term cosmetic surgery is used when referring to changing a person’s appearance to make the face or body more attractive. Plastic surgery refers to reconstructing or repairing parts of the body either due to injury or defect.

Cosmetic surgeons have the same qualifications as plastic surgeons.

This is untrue because each surgeon specializes in certain techniques. Even each plastic or cosmetic surgeon can differ in their specialization. For example, a plastic surgeon may only perform rhinoplasties, while another one may only perform breast augmentations.

Breast augmentation is the same as a breast lift.

Breast augmentation alters the shape of the breasts, while a breast lift procedure improves the look of saggy breasts. It’s important to speak to a cosmetic surgeon about which procedure is best for achieving the look you want.

You can’t breastfeed if you have breast implants.

You can breastfeed with breast implants, and it is recommended that you by the Institute of Medicine. The Mayo-Clinic reports breast milk may contain traces of silicone, but the amount is not harmful to a baby.

Breast implants increase your risk of breast cancer.

This is untrue according to the Institute of Medicine. Breast implants have not been scientifically shown to cause cancer, but routine screenings for breast cancer are still important. Monthly breast self-exams, mammograms, and seeing your doctor for a checkup are all important for early detection of breast cancer.

We know there are many other myths spread unknowingly online and through conversations, but we believe these are the most popular ones. If you have any questions regarding cosmetic or plastic surgery, please contact us at our Manhattan office at 212-206-0023 or Long Island office at 631-499-1831 to schedule a free consultation. Our offices are open Monday through Friday 8 AM to 8 PM and until 6 PM on Saturdays.

We look forward to meeting you, so we can educate you as much as possible about how cosmetic and plastic surgery can help you.