How Anti-Aging Treatments Can Improve Your Career
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Age discrimination is illegal. Despite this, employers often find subtle ways to base employment decisions on age. Many times, it can’t be proven by the applicants and people 55 years and older suffer the most with unemployment and financial hardships due to ageism.

Debbie Chalfie, AARP age discrimination expert, reports that older workers have a difficult time recovering lost jobs and use up their savings because of it.

The inability to find work and dealing with financial problems are enough stress to make older Americans feel depressed. Their negative self-perception intensifies the feeling.

Negative Self Perceptions Due to Ageism Can Affect Life Span

The American Psychological Association reports that 80 percent of people in a recent study admitted to experiencing ageism. The association points out that the effects are not only hurtful to people, but they can shorten their lifespan.

In a study by Becca Levy, PhD, people with a positive self-perception lived 7.5 years longer than those with a negative self-perception.

Combat the Effects of Ageism with Cosmetic Surgery

The plastic surgery industry has seen an increase in people 55 years and older wanting procedures to help them look younger. Most cosmetic procedures were performed on people aged 40 to 54 years in 2012, but there were 3.8 million procedures performed on those 55 and older.

According to John Rother, AARP’s former executive vice president of Policy, Strategy and International Affairs, “Older women in particular, especially those in competitive job markets, are taking steps to improve their appearance in order to better compete against younger job applicants.”

Many older Americans seek plastic surgery for their face. Some of the most commonly performed procedures are:

  • Eyebrow lift
  • Dermal fillers on the forehead
  • Botox to diminish crow’s feet
  • Fillers under the eyes to fix hollowing
  • Cheek implants and fillers
  • Rhinoplasty for a younger looking nose shape
  • Botox to plump lips
  • Botox to make the jaw line look more chiseled
  • Skin tightening under the chin

With these cosmetic procedures, many older Americans end up feeling better about themselves, which increases confidence and positive self-perception. This can lead to a more satisfying, longer life and in some instances, better employment outcomes as well.

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