Plastic Surgery Is Changing the Way the World Looks - Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

People decide to change their appearance for many reasons, and most Americans generally accept this. However, what we now realize is that plastic surgery is not specifically an American activity; countries around the world are becoming fascinated with, and even preferring, cosmetic surgeries. Truly, this medical aesthetic option is changing the way the whole world looks.

Surgery Abroad

Plastic Surgery Is Changing the Way the World Looks - Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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According to Business of Fashion, America still performs the most procedures at 4.2 million each year. But if the number of procedures is viewed per capita, this is only 12 people in every thousand, which is a lower number than in most other counties.

  • In South Korea, 20 people in every thousand are going under the cosmetic knife, and in Taiwan and Belgium, 17 per every thousand are undergoing aesthetic procedures. Lebanon and Italy are tied at 16.

But why are people all around the world seeking plastic surgery now more than ever?

A Number of Reasons for the Plastic Surgery Boom

The reasons why people choose cosmetic surgery (or non-surgical enhancement) are many. For example, in Colombia, watching television is a very popular pastime, and most of the people on TV are extremely beautiful. Media tells people they can look the same way with the help of a plastic surgeon…potentially making viewers consider undergoing a change to their own looks.

Certain doctors have experiences a boost in the number of procedures in regions located near the ocean, presumably meaning that people want to look great while wearing less. Other surgeons have named certain places, like the state of Utah, as particularly obsessed with surgery because young, Mormon women are a large part of the population. They tend to have children very early in life, causing them to seek plastic surgery to restore their body to its pre-birth shape.

Whatever the reasons, people are traveling all over the world to receive aesthetic surgery from the United States to Europe, and from South America to Asia.

Remember: Use Caution When Traveling for Surgery

The sad fact is that many of the surgeons practicing abroad are not as highly trained or regulated as those in the United States. There is also a serious risk that those who go abroad for surgery, perhaps thinking it will be less expensive, will potentially experience serious complications from unsanitary conditions. The burden is always on the patient to thoroughly research their provider of choice and to make sure they are seeking safe care before choosing to go abroad.

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