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In a recent story reported in the The Detroit News, Dr. Leo McCafferty spoke on the growing trend in his practice, and across the U.S., of male patients deciding to undergo plastic surgery.

Decades ago, men generally didn’t consider plastic surgery unless they were coming in for a cosmetic fix for a broken nose or facial trauma. Today, men are coming in for everything from facelifts to injectable wrinkle treatments.

Middle Aged Men

The fastest growing age group is in the middle-aged and older range. Dr. McCafferty surmises that he has seen about a 300% increase in men seeking aesthetic surgery.

Why is this age range growing so fast? Reasons vary from wanting to look better in pictures to desiring a more youthful look due to working longer now than in years passed.

Just like the women that seek these types of procedures, men are also concerned with warding off severe signs of aging before they are irreversible.

Real Plastic Surgery Patients

In the article, Dr. McCafferty mentions several patients of his who had procedures and the reasons why they decided to pursue this avenue.

  • Double chin removal for a financial advisor in his mid-60’s.
  • Facelift surgery for an executive in his mid-50’s.

What to Consider Before Getting a Consultation

Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure so often times patients foot the bill entirely. There are a few exceptions to this rule, perhaps in cases of emergency surgery to correct a ripped ear, broken nose, or facial laceration.

  1. Figure out your down payment.
  2. Get pre-qualified with a medical financing company.
  3. Decide what you can afford in monthly payments.
  4. Carefully select several surgeons based on their education, experience, patient reviews (such as RealSelf.com), and their before & after gallery online.

Why Men Finally See the Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Seeing a buddy or co-worker benefit from a procedure can make it less scary as well as more socially acceptable. Although women still make up the majority of procedures done in the United States, men are catching on for several reasons:

  • They like having the option of looking as young as they feel.
  • Maintaining a younger look can help with their career.
  • More confidence in all aspects of life including socially, emotionally, and even intimately.

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