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In an article on Modern Medicine Network, Joe Niamtu, III, DMD identifies some of the differences he has noticed in his male and female patients.

It’s not about differences in skin, muscles, hormones, or anything physical. It has to do with how they approach plastic surgery and respond to it after the procedure(s).

While each patient is treated the same when they come in for a consultation or procedure, there are significant differences between most men and women, reports Niamtu.

  • Men are more compulsive. They are more likely to come in and request a single procedure. They want to get in and get out with a quick change to their looks.
  • Women are more likely to request multiple changes needing more than one procedure. They are also more likely to come back for more.
  • Women come into the office for skin care and spa treatment in addition to their surgical procedures.
  • Men are a lot like one hit wonders. They will come in, get an eyelift surgery, and not come back for years, if at all.

Which Gender Keeps Cosmetic Surgery a Secret?

When questioned whether male and female patients are telling their friends and family, women are more likely to have shared their surgery with people they know, while men generally do not tell anyone.

Men also report feeling uncomfortable when they come in to the cosmetic surgery office because they fear someone will find out they are getting a procedure. They also feel that a plastic surgery office is geared towards women. The wall colors are light, the décor is feminine and the magazines are tailored to women.

What’s interesting is that Niamtu points out that men have a difficult time expressing what is wrong with their features, even the ones they want to change. Getting men to talk can be difficult, so building rapport is important. When men open up, it makes finding out what they really want from plastic surgery much easier.

Post-Op Differences Between Men vs. Women

Men are less likely to follow a plastic surgeon’s post-op instructions, according to Niamtu. He includes a story in his article about his patient telling him that he was excited about getting the procedure because he was going to remodel his garage with his time off.

Of course, this would be against the doctor’s orders after surgery -- not taking time to recovery could lead to serious complications. Women tend to welcome the recovery time because they can relax, read, and enjoy much needed alone time.

These differences in men and women do not mean that every man and every woman will be like what is described here. These are just common characteristics noticed after working with each gender. They are interesting and can be quite true for some people.

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