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The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team sees increases in consultations and procedures during certain times of the year. One of the busiest times of year is right after the New Year. This year (2015) is no different with consultations booking quickly and procedures being scheduled several weeks in advance.

With all of the activity that happens after the New Year sets in, it’s interesting to consider why this occurs. It says a lot about the reasons why people seek cosmetic surgery.

New Year’s Resolutions Matter

One of the reasons people seek plastic surgery more after the New Year is Resolutions. When people make their list of the accomplishments they want to achieve, something about their appearance often finds itself in the mix.

Healthier Lifestyle

Year after year many people swear they will lead healthier, more active lifestyles. Many of these people do well for a month or two, but then revert back to their old, unhealthy habits.

This can make them feel depressed because they are never able to achieve the healthy lifestyle that they know will help them look and feel better.

One of the reasons this Resolution doesn’t work is because many of us lack motivation. They don’t see their appearance changing, so they give it up.

Many people decide to seek plastic surgery to get them off to a great start with a healthier lifestyle. When they see results, they want to keep them, so they are more motivated to stick to diet and exercise.

A New Year for a Better Self

When most people think of a New Year, they think about how it can be better than the last. Many of us look at our body and have something we would like to improve. Plastic surgery can achieve that, and that’s the reasoning behind why many patients go through with it.

When they see the changes, it changes the way they look at themselves, thus bringing out the confidence they may have been lacking before.

Cosmetic enhancements can make them feel empowered and boosts self-esteem, which in turn, helps them feel courageous to get out there and go after what they want.

Slowing Down the Signs of Aging

Another year means another year older, and some people will start to see sagging or wrinkling of the skin. Plastic surgery can easily lift and tighten areas of the body. People can achieve a younger look, which is more in line with how they feel inside.

If you’re considering plastic surgery in the New Year, contact us today. Our highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons are looking forward to meeting with you at our Commack, Long Island or Manhattan office.

It is our distinct pleasure to provide people with improved self-esteem and greater confidence!


To making 2015 your best year yet,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team