Plastic Surgery and Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is something we deal with a lot in the plastic and cosmetic surgery industry. We all have something that we would like to change about our appearance, but when does wanting a straight nose or a slimmer physique become a problem?

Body Dysmorphic Disorder – Wanting the Perfect Body and Never Getting It

Plastic Surgery and Body Dysmorphic Disorder | Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

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People who suffer from BDD often become obsessed with their body and continuously have negative thoughts about it. They become preoccupied with their appearance, and that preoccupation often interferes in their life.

They may lose their job because they believe they can’t face the world with their imperfections, or they end up ruining relationships because they believe they are not good enough for their partner.

People who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder may tend to seek numerous plastic surgeries to correct their perceived imperfections. Often times, they will take risks to make changes to their appearance, despite warnings from plastic and cosmetic surgeons. This is why this disorder is an important consideration whenever we meet someone new during a free consultation.

Signs of Body Dysmorphic Disorder

When we meet someone, we look for signs of this disorder. Those suffering from it will exhibit some of these signs during a consultation:

  • Express they are isolating themselves
  • Camouflage their body
  • Body comparisons with others
  • Checking themselves in the mirror more than usual
  • Avoiding all mirrors
  • Picking at the skin
  • Over grooming such as incessantly fixing their hair, makeup, etc.
  • Extremely thin with the possibility of an eating disorder

Many people who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder may also deal with obsessive-compulsive disorders, social anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and/or depression.

Whenever we believe a patient is exhibiting the signs of BDD, we recommend an evaluation from a mental health professional. We may also request to review medical records before performing any surgeries. This can often reveal someone is suffering from a disorder that could be influencing the desire for repeated plastic surgeries.

The Desire to Enhance One’s Appearance or Suffering from a Disorder

Many people question whether they are suffering from dysmorphic disorder or they just simply want to look their best. Usually, when people question it, they are not suffering from this disorder. It’s those that are in denial that are usually suffering from it.

We invite you to come into our office for a free consultation. During this session, we will not only listen to your desired adjustment to your appearance, but also pay attention to any signs of body dysmorphic disorder. We care about you and want you to have the safest and best experience with plastic and cosmetic surgery.

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We look forward to helping you look your best in the safest way possible.



*The information on this page is not intended to be used as medical advice in any way. Always consult with your doctor for any health related concerns and before starting a new diet or exercise program.