Many people that enter our office shortly after they divorce are highly motivated to have plastic surgery. We know this because they open up to our plastic surgeons during their consultation. Researchers from the Transform Cosmetic Group in Great Britain have also reported that a quarter of patients who visit plastic surgeons’ offices are newly divorced.

Since we do see an increase in the number of patients that elect to have plastic surgery post-divorce, we wanted to share some insight.

Why Women Decide to Have Plastic Surgery After Divorce

Many people that enter our office shortly after they divorce are highly motivated to have plastic surgery.

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Women, especially, often feel as though they want to take back control of their life after divorce. With so much up in the air during the process, it can be liberating to grab life and take it by the horns. Many decide to have plastic surgery because it enhances their natural beauty when facing a new chapter in their life. A new life calls for a new look!

One woman, Alicia Hunter, lost 60 pounds, got breast implants, and had BOTOX to smooth facial lines and wrinkles after she divorced her husband. She told ABC News, “I don’t think I would ever set foot outside the house.” After working on herself, she says, “It is very liberating to feel good within your own skin. I never knew what it would feel like. I always thought it would be a little bit life-changing, and it has been.”

The reason plastic surgery is successful in helping people move on after divorce is because it changes their perspective of themselves. When people look in the mirror after plastic surgery, they see something different, so they feel differently about themselves. This often propels them to do something different in their life. It gets the ball moving.

Beware of Revenge Surgery

We do want to advise patients that if they are seeking revenge plastic surgery, please wait some time before taking that step towards plastic surgery. While you may feel as though larger breasts will make your ex jealous, it may just end up making you feel worse than you do now if you don’t really want them. Your ex may not feel jealous or may respond in a way that won’t please you, which could be devastating.

Plastic surgery needs to be something you want and need for yourself – not anyone else. In some cases, speaking to a therapist is the best route rather than coming in for a plastic surgery procedure.

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