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Getting plastic surgery is a big decision. You probably have a lot of questions and worry about forgetting to ask something when you speak to the plastic surgeon. To calm your worries, the following are some patient responsibilities to consider before deciding on your cosmetic procedure.

Listen to Risks

There are many benefits to plastic surgery, but there are also some risks. It is important to listen to these risks because they help you make a well-informed decision about the procedure. Many times, taking precautionary measures can minimize risk. Making sure you pay attention to each risk is important, so you can have a safe experience.

Voice Your Concerns

Voice any concerns to your plastic surgeon because they can tell you whether or not there is a reason to be worried. Keeping medical concerns a secret can be detrimental to your health and safety, so let your surgeon know everything medically related during your plastic surgery consultation.

Bring Medical Records

Your plastic surgeon may ask for your medical records, should you have health conditions or concerns that will be relevant to your surgery. Get these from your physician or any other medical professionals you have seen in the past. This helps the plastic surgeon understand how to perform the procedure in the safest manner in order to minimize risks in your specific case.

Follow Through with Medical Testing

You’ll need to have blood work and other types of medical testing before you have surgery to make sure you are healthy. Do not try to avoid this critical part of preparation. They are needed to ensure your body is strong enough to handle anesthesia and the procedure.

In fact, your plastic surgeon won’t perform surgery unless these tests are done and he or she has cleared you for surgery.

Pay for the Surgery

Before you have the procedure, the surgeon will discuss how much it will cost you. These fees are your responsibility. You may be eligible for financing, but paying the loan off is your responsibility. Ensuring you are financially able to afford the cosmetic surgery should be part of your decision when considering the timing of your procedure.

Learn Everything You Can with a Free Consultation

It is the patient’s responsibility and duty to learn everything you can about the cosmetic surgery you are seeking. You can do that with Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York’s free consultation. Our highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons are available in Manhattan and Long Island to speak with you about what you’re considering. They will answer all of your questions and give you more information about patient responsibilities. Call us today at (212) 206-0023 or (631) 499-1831 to set up your free consultation.

*This page does not communicate the full list of complete risks and potential complications from this surgery. To receive a list of post-op risks & complications, please contact our office.