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A man in his 50s asked Dear Abby what he should do because his daughter was thinking about seeking cosmetic surgery for a hump on her nose. He also had a hump on his nose before electing to remove it with cosmetic surgery.

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The problem is that he never told anyone about having it removed, including his wife of many years. He felt as though if he told his wife, she would feel betrayed for keeping it away from her so long.

He also felt as though he would be betraying his daughter by not telling her she inherited his nose. What makes it worse, some of the family is now pushing the daughter not to have the surgery, so he said he feels he should be supportive of her.

Our Response – Be a Source of Support

We agree with Dear Abby in that this husband and father has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to his rhinoplasty. This is something he decided to do to improve his self-confidence. Telling his wife and daughter now doesn’t mean he has betrayed anyone. It just means it wasn’t important for him to discuss until now.

There’s no one in this world that understands his daughter as much as he does right now. Coming forward with the information will probably bring his daughter a lot of relief. He can support her with this decision because he had to go through the same decision making process. This situation will likely bring them much closer.

As far as his wife’s reaction, she will likely be shocked and maybe she will feel betrayed somewhat. It’s important that he explains why he didn’t say anything, and comfort her as she processes that there was something she didn’t know about her husband until now. While it may sting, it shouldn’t be something that stands in his way of helping his daughter at this time.

We share this with you because we know this man is not the only one who is dealing with this situation. Many women have also had the same thing happen. This is to help everyone who is trying to decide whether to come clean about his or her plastic surgery.

Squashing the Stigma One Person at a Time

In this day and age, there is nothing wrong with seeking cosmetic surgery. The stigma is decreasing every single day that goes by as an increasing number of people elect to have it.

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We look forward to supporting you with your decision on talking about and seeking cosmetic surgery!