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The Olsen sisters have always been known for their identical features. Even as babies on the hit television show “Full House,” no one could tell them apart. As they have grown up, their features remained the same. They were the perfect example of identical twins; except now they look different.

Many people speculate the differences are more due to plastic surgery rather than developmental changes. Plastic surgeons have come forward identifying Mary-Kate as having the most procedures.

Facial Fillers for Cheek Volume

It seems as though her cheeks are fuller than they were just a few months ago. While this could be due to weight gain, it could also be a facial filler such as JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC. Since it doesn’t seem as though she has gained any weight in other parts of her body, it’s probably from fillers.

Injecting filler into your cheeks can lift your cheeks and make them look plump. This can make many people appear younger.

Brow Lift for Brighter Eyes

Another procedure Mary-Kate may have had done is a brow lift. A brow lift brings a person’s brow line up. This makes the person’s eyes look bigger and more open.

Many people that seek this procedure feel their eyes are too small or squinty.  A brow lift is also ideal for older patients with loose skin or heavy creasing in the forehead.

Will Ashley Olsen Follow in Her Sister’s Footsteps?

Since Mary-Kate seems to have had plastic surgery while Ashley’s appearance remains the same, it will be interesting to see if her sister follows suit.

They have been wearing the same or similar clothing for many years, and this change in one of the sisters’ appearances may just make the other uncomfortable enough to have cosmetic surgery.

Are You Considering a Brow Lift?

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