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Breast Lift Surgery

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The surgical team at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York can lift your breasts, so they appear more like they did when you were younger. Actually, our surgeons can make them look better by manipulating the breast tissue to improve their shape and texture.

Most women are quite pleased with the results of this procedure because it gives them back the youthful chest they’ve missed.

General anesthesia is used for a breast lift. This is done in the presence of an anesthesiologist to ensure your vital signs are stable during your procedure.

Incisions are made in carefully placed areas to achieve the best results (lift and firmness). Usually, the plastic surgeon makes a horizontal incision in the crease of the breast. A vertical incision will usually also be made from the center of the crease to the nipple in order to lift the breasts to the appropriate location.

A plastic surgeon may decide to center the nipples. If this is the case, an incision is made around the areola to reposition them. Alternately, a vertical “keyhole” incision is used to accomplish all of the above objectives.

After adjusting the breasts, the plastic surgeon will use dissolvable sutures and/or liquid stitches to close up the inner and outer layers of skin. Follow-up appointments will be needed to ensure there is no infection and that the incisions are healing well.

Compression garments are important during the first few weeks after the procedure. It keeps swelling down, and it helps with the healing process. Some patients may need a drain as well, which is something the plastic surgeon will discuss during the pre-op appointment.

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