November is men's health awareness. Blog by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York.

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Every November, the Movember Foundation raises awareness for men’s health by making people more aware of several life-threatening conditions that affect the men in our lives.

Individuals who want to participate in the campaign don’t shave their facial hair starting on November 1, so when someone asks why, they can explain that it’s for the purpose of raising awareness about men’s health.

The Most Common Health Problems for Men

The four issues the Movember Foundation focuses on are:

  1. Prostate cancer
  2. Testicular cancer
  3. Poor mental health
  4. Physical inactivity

These are the most common health problems for men. The statistics are quite surprising.

Prostate Cancer

One in seven men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Every 19 minutes, an American dies from the disease. In 2015, approximately 220,800 men will be diagnosed with it.

Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer may not be as common, but it’s still affecting 8,430 men each year. Approximately, 380 men will die from it. And those that are most at risk are between 15-34 years old.

Mental Health

Mental health does not get the attention it deserves. Three out of four deaths because of suicide are men. About 87 men commit suicide every day and one in four men will suffer from a mental health issue in his lifetime.

Physical Activity

Physical activity can be a problem for many men because of their jobs. Working at a desk can make it hard to be active. This is why 41% of high-income countries report that people do not get enough exercise.

Please Take Care of Your Health

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we want to take a moment to let men (and women) know they need to care for themselves. As they go through each day working hard to support their family, many choose to put their health to the side. This is not good.

You deserve to be taken care of, so you can be that role model to your family and friends. Schedule an appointment with your physician as soon as possible. Your phone is likely right there beside you, so go ahead and give him or her a call.

Get a physical, so you can rule out prostate and testicular cancer. If you’re feeling down in the dumps or anxious, let your physician know. You can feel happy again, but you need to do something about it. Finally, get out there and walk, run, or do something active to get your heart pumping. Your body needs it and the rewards will be outstanding.

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we seek to improve the lives of men and women in Manhattan and Long Island. If you’re thinking of plastic surgery to improve your appearance so you can feel better about yourself, call us. We would love to sit down with you for a free consultation.

It’s our job to make you look good, so you can feel good about yourself. We hope this will motivate you to better care for your health so you can continue to show off how beautiful you are, inside and out.


*The information on this page is not intended to be used as medical advice in any way. Always consult with your doctor for any health related concerns and before starting a new diet or exercise program.