While men are seeking plastic surgery a lot more these days, women are still in the lead for getting the most rhinoplasties, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Approximately 75% of the rhinoplasty procedures in 2014 were performed on a total of 162,444 women. While many of these women were seeking a nose job for aesthetic changes, many of them also sought the procedure to resolve breathing issues that come along with a deviated septum.

If you’re a woman considering a rhinoplasty, you may be curious to know what is involved in the procedure.

About Rhinoplasty for Women

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Women often desire a smaller nose. They want it to be narrower along the bridge (the part that comes down towards the tip). Oftentimes, they also want the tip of the nose to come up just a tad more. This contours the nose so it looks tight and elegant.

To achieve these aesthetic changes, you will likely receive general or local anesthesia. General anesthesia puts you to sleep, while local anesthesia allows you to be awake but relaxed during the procedure. You will not feel any pain with either sedation type.

If bone work is needed, the surgeon will cut the nostrils at the collumela, just at the base of the nose. With this opening, the surgeon can reshape the inner bone and cartilage. This reshaping is how the surgeon is able to achieve the patient’s desired appearance.

If tip work is all that is being done, the surgeon can usually do a “closed” rhinoplasty where no incisions are made to the outer nose.

Usually, patients will need to wear a nasal splint for at least a week following the procedure. Swelling and bruising may occur around the eyes. On the third day, most patients notice the swelling and bruising subside. Expect the major swelling and bruising to be completely gone in two weeks. It takes up to 12 months for the nose to heal completely, so have patience!

Our surgeons recommend avoiding strenuous activities for up to six weeks following the surgery. Most patients can return to normal social activities within a couple weeks without people noticing they had plastic surgery.

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