I hear the same types of stories over and over again, of people placing trust in a surgeon who ends up causing them heartbreak, financial hardship, or severe pain. With the upswing in surgical tourism in the last decade, this is becoming even more common.

When problems arise, borders separate doctors and patients–often with disastrous outcomes. The following story is just one example of the issues that can come up from having your surgery at a discount overseas.


Sally’s Story

Rhinoplasty stories that have gone terribly wrong and how to avoid this. From facial plastic surgeons at the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team in NYC and Long Island.

Sally Farmer, a UK resident, was attracted by a brochure that promised expert rhinoplasty surgery with a relaxing vacation to Prague. Little did she know how much the trip would cost her in the long run. Upon her arrival, everything seemed fine, except that there was a language barrier that prevented Sally from communicating her goals for surgery.

After the procedure, she had little desire to explore the beautiful city, as she was still wearing the surgical dressings and was self-conscious. Things didn’t start falling apart until she got back home, and was several countries away from the plastic surgeon. Her nasal tip started to droop, and before too long, she was back in Prague to have it fixed–by the same doctor.

After paying the travel expenses and enduring a terrifying surgery under local anesthetic, she returned home–where the nose began to droop again. This time, she tried to get the clinic to pay for a repair in the UK. They refused. Sally’s four year journey ended with a revision surgery in the UK. The total bill for her troubles? 5,200 British pounds.

Surgery Overseas

The best way to avoid bad plastic surgery? If you choose to have surgery abroad, you should be even more diligent about your research efforts when choosing a surgeon. Legal action will be nearly impossible in case of complications, since the same laws don’t apply. Communication can also be complicated and incomplete, and aftercare is minimal.

If you’re looking for a facial plastic surgeon close to home, come talk to our team about your goals for surgery. We offer peace of mind and great results at our nose job offices in Long Island and New York. Come get a better experience with a, expert rhinoplasty in New York.

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