Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures offered. As fresh medical trends and technologies become available, plastic surgeons provide their patients with new and improved breast augmentation surgery techniques.

New Implants Hit the Market

A group of doctors based in Atlanta, GA announced this past summer that they were the first plastic surgery practice in the state to use the newly FDA-approved Sientra breast implants. These implants, approved in March 2012, have been used for decades in other countries and give patients a choice of shape and size, including round, classic or oval, depending upon the patient’s personalized preference.

BRAVA – The Nonsurgical Breast Enlargement System

Another breast augmentation development that’s making waves is known as the BRAVA System. This technique uses a woman’s own natural tissue and does not require surgery.

The system consists of two plastic domes that are placed over each breast. The domes are attached to a small rechargeable box and held together with a sports bra. When activated, the box sucks air out of the domes and draws the breasts gently forward. The pulling action gradually causes the breast tissue to expand and grow.

For women who are uncomfortable going under the knife or having implants inserted into their body, this is the ideal procedure. The BRAVA System is also a unique and safe choice when it comes to plastic surgery for moms who want to get the shape and contour of their pre-baby breasts back.

Single Incision Breast Lift

Yet another new breast augmentation technique was developed by a doctor in Florida. This single incision breast lift dramatically reduces scarring on the patient by eliminating the horizontal incisions along the breast fold. The vertical technique reduces stretching because it relies on the internal breast structure for support instead of the skin.

Learn About More Options

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