By A. Abraham Levin, MD.

Newest TIME Magazine Issue Covers the Topic of Plastic Surgery By A. Abraham Levin, MD

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To peer into the world of plastic surgery is what TIME Magazine aimed to do in its latest issue.

For the cover shot, they hired renowned fashion photographer, Miles Aldridge.

Miles is the son of famous graphic artist, Alan Aldridge, who graced the album covers of the Rolling Stones, Elton John, and The Who, to name just a few.

Here’s a summary of the inside story behind TIME’s latest cover story.


How a Legend Was Made

Miles Aldridge says that he, “…always wanted to be an illustrator like my father.” However, once in art school, he felt that it was “boring and quite lonely.” He decided to venture into film making instead.

His next jobs included directing music videos, which combined his artistic flair with his desire to be around people all day instead of alone in his art studio with his paintings.

Unfortunately, the adventure was less than exciting for Miles. He made the shift to photography and quickly wanted to find a way to leave his unique signature on his work, all the while owning the rights to his pictures and remaining genuine in his artistic expression.


Aldridge’s Vision for the TIME Magazine Cover

With the true spirit of an illustrator, Miles Aldridge sketches out his vision for a photo shoot prior to actually stepping into the studio with the subjects. His unique approach has been captured in a side-by-side photo spread featured in the magazine this month.

Miles’ decided to make plastic surgery seem more normal and wanted to add what he describes as “elegance”, “grace”, and “joy” to the photo shooting process.

He adds, “I like photographing joy as long as it feels as artificial as any other appetizing picture: I’m happy because I have a new car, or I’m happy because I have a new job, or, in this case, I’m happy because I have a new nose.”



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