shhPlastic surgery is certainly not as taboo as it used to be. More celebrities are admitting to their aesthetic upgrades and the industry is seeing more media coverage than ever before.

In fact, a new study finds that men and women alike are opting for discreet procedures and even hiding the fact that they have had plastic surgery.

Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, the largest practice surgery group in the U.K., conducted a survey of their past patients.

According to the survey, 72% of women hide the fact that they’ve had a non-surgical treatment—such as BOTOX or Juvederm—from their friends and family.

If you think that number is high, men are even sneakier! Eighty-one percent of men surveyed admitted to keeping their treatments a secret.

Do you think your co-worker got in great shape over the holidays from a cleanse? You may want to think again. Transform reported that liposuction was the most often hidden procedure, with 34% of patient admitting to keeping it a secret. Patients who undergo BOTOX in NY, or anywhere else for that matter, also hide their it from friends and family.

Not only are people hiding their treatments, half of women don’t even tell their significant other about their enchantments. A representative for Transform told The Daily Mail that many patients want to know how charges will show up on their bank statements, presumably so their better half won’t find out.

Perhaps the onslaught of visibly altered celebrities—like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Kidman—that has set this new trend of secretive plastic surgery.

Patients may be embracing the concept of enhancing their natural beauty subtly rather opting to look “fake”.

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