Post Breast Augmentation Tips from the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team:

The FDA has long held a stance that women with silicone breast implants should have regular MRI’s to detect any problems, such as a rupture. This is something that we tell all my breast augmentation NYC & Long Island patients at our New York practices.

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However, a new study, appearing in the March 2011 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, has found reason to believe that available data may be overestimating on an MRI’s ability to detect ruptured implants.

This particular study, led by Jae W. Song, M.D., reviewed 21 studies evaluating MRI’s and found that despite the MRI being capable of detecting ruptures; it is 14 times more likely to detect them in women with implant-related symptoms than in women without symptoms.

It was concluded that due to the high rate of women with symptoms in the studies, the true accuracy for detecting implant-related problems in asymptomatic women is probably much lower. This is also what our patients can expect after surgery at our New York plastic surgery practices.

Tips for our Breast Augmentation NYC Patients

Interestingly enough, implants have an average life span of 10 years. Therefore, between the age of an implant and an MRI’s chances of finding a problem in an asymptomatic woman, the amount of MRI’s recommended for implant patients could potentially change if its effectiveness is questionable.

To my readers who have implants: Do you get an MRI done every two years? Would you cut back on them if chances are low that they would find any implant-related problems?

It has always been my stance that being safer is better than being sorry. If you have silicone implants and notice a slow change over time in the size of one of your breasts, an MRI may be the perfect medical test to have done.

Conclusions from our Specialists

Should the MRI find that a breast implant is leaking, to any degree, it should immediately be replaced or removed. In our centers, we can perform this procedure in our breast augmentation NYC & Long Island centers along with a breast lift or other cosmetic procedure.

The medical studies thus far haven’t proven a direct correlation to illnesses or conditions caused by leaking silicone implants. However, these findings are still considered preliminary as they continue to do studies on women who have had simultaneous leaking implants and medical conditions that have developed.

To your health and beauty,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team

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