Farrah Abraham, the 21 year old former reality star of the popular MTV show Teen Mom, underwent rhinoplasty surgery last November. She also received a chin implant from a Florida plastic surgeon and had all of the bandages removed a week later.

‘I’ve always hated my nose since I was 13,’ she told a UK publication, adding that she got a bigger chin to ‘balance the alignment’ of her face.

mtvs-teen-mom-star-nose-job2This is a year after the young star received a breast augmentation to go from an A to a C cup. “After having a baby, my boobs went away. It hurt my self-esteem,” Abraham told Us Weekly in July 2011. “I didn’t feel like I was woman enough anymore. I knew I could be happier.”

Celebrity gossip columnist Perez Hilton, known for his scathing remarks against the rich and famous, also thought Farrah’s nose job was a huge success.

Reasons to Get a Nose Job

There are many reasons, both cosmetic and medical, that make people want to get rhinoplasty surgery. Some of the medical reasons include:

–       Deviated septum

–       Narrow nasal passages

–       Nose deformity at birth

–       Nose injury from accident

The cosmetic reasons people undergo nose job procedures include:

–       Nose does not fit their facial structure

–       Nose is too large, bulbous or wide

–       Nose has a bump in the bridge

Finding the Best Facial Plastic Surgeon

If you, like Farrah Abraham, are unhappy with the look of your nose, or if you suffer from any nose related medical condition, rhinoplasty surgery could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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