Most Popular Online Searches for Plastic Surgery. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

When people start researching plastic surgery, they often turn to the Internet to find information. While not all websites provide accurate, credible information, many sites offer enough information to lead new patients to contact a plastic surgeon in New York whom they feel will best serve them.

Since our team is constantly looking for trends in the aesthetic industry, an article we stumbled upon on Style Caster recently sparked our interest.

The article discusses what people around the country are searching online for when it comes to plastic surgery. It’s interesting to see what people care about most in different areas of the United States.

West Coast

Most Popular Online Searches for Plastic Surgery. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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People living on the West Coast are mostly searching for breast implants and lip injections. With Hollywood and many celebs walking the streets, this can’t be a big surprise. With this information, we can see what women in the region value most – their breasts and lips.

Midwest (Plus Alaska and Hawaii)

These areas have high online search rates for penis enlargement. A study by Dr. Alfred Kinsey was done in 1948, which found the average penis size for men was 6.2 inches while erect. This measurement has been published countless times over the last 50 years with no updates until 2001.

In a study conducted in Cancun, Mexico by a manufacturer of Lifestyles condoms, it was found that the average erect penis was only 5.88 inches with a girth of 4.97 inches.

Since the average man has an erect penis close to this length, the question is why do they believe it should be longer? Perhaps the entertainment industry has caused men to reevaluate themselves. At any rate, this feeling of dissatisfaction with size is what leads men to research penis enlargement procedures.


Not surprising but albeit interesting, with southern states (Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi) having the highest prevalence of obesity, they also have the greatest number of people searching for liposuction.

The most popular areas to remove unwanted fat include the thighs, abdominal, and arms, which are the areas most exposed during warm weather. Since most of the year is warm in this area (compared to the New York area), it makes sense that people in the south are mostly seeking information on liposuction.

We also want to point out in a recent blog post we published, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently reported on the most popular 2015 procedures. The number of liposuctions performed was up 9% over 2014. This shows that liposuctions across the country are increasing, not just for the southern states.


This is where our offices in Long Island and Manhattan are located. It was no surprise to see that we also have a high online search rate for liposuction. While we don’t have as high of an obesity rate as the southern states, we do have a high desire to look slim. With many celebs living in New York City and setting societal views of beauty, it makes sense that many of the people in this region want a little help with removing unwanted fat from areas of the body.

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