Mommy Makeover Helps Restore Confidence by A. Abraham Levin, MD of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY.

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If you haven’t heard the term Mommy Makeover you may not know what it is. In general, it’s a combination of tummy-restoration and breast enhancement performed at one time.

The goal is to return a woman’s post-baby body shape as close as possible to her pre-baby body. In our Mommy Makeover NYC and Long Island Centers, we see dozens of women each week who are looking to improve their body shape after having children.

In general, after pregnancy, a woman’s abdominal area is replete with stretch marks and extra skin, and the muscles in the middle of the abdomen have been stretched apart.

A tummy tuck can restore her tummy to a much flatter and more attractive appearance by rejoining the separated rectus abdominus muscles, eliminating excess skin and using a bit of liposuction to remove remaining fat. Depending on the location, number and size of the stretch marks, many can be removed in the procedure. Those that remain can be addressed with laser treatments to make them less visible.

The breast enhancement portion of a Mommy Makeover can be a breast lift, breast reduction, depending on the woman’s needs. Some women’s breasts become smaller and droop after having had children, while other women will notice that their breasts are much bigger post-childbearing.

Most women need a breast lift along with their reduction or implants because the breast tissue had stretched during pregnancy and breastfeeding and the breasts are no longer located in their formerly high position on the chest wall. Restoring them with a breast lift will create a perkier profile and look better in clothing.

If you have carried children, no matter how old your youngest is, it’s never too late for a Mommy Makeover. If you’re finished building your family, you can benefit from this procedure.

Recovery takes about 10 days to two weeks until you feel back to your normal self, and for a month to six weeks you would need to refrain from any heavy lifting or strenuous exercising. But after the areas have healed, the sky is the limit for you to enjoy your new body silhouette to the fullest—take a trip, enjoy the beach in a new bikini, and revel in your new-old self!

To a Gorgeous Post-Baby Body for Every Mom,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team