Today, one of the most popular and frequently requested procedures is the mommy makeover. The reasons for this upward trend include:

  1. Pregnancy causes breast changes (volume, firmness & lift).
  2. Pregnancy causes abdominal changes (loose skin & separated muscles).
  3. Self-esteem and confidence suffer for some women due to physical changes.
  4. Society has accepted the idea of plastic surgery.
  5. Mainstream media touts the attractiveness of large breasts & a flat tummy.
FDA approval of the NATRELLE INSPIRA breast implant. By Dr. A. Abraham Levin of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York.

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Changes to the Breasts

When pregnancy hormones start flowing, the breasts begin to change in preparation for nursing. These changes can include fluid retention, soreness, and an increase in breast fat as the mother gains weight.

Once the baby arrives, the body releases the hormone prolactin in order to cause the mother’s milk to come in. Some women experience a dramatic increase in breast size during the breast-feeding phase.

After the mother is finished nursing, she may notice that her skin is stretched out, less firm, the fatty tissue may either be too much or too little, and/or the breasts may sag.

Depending upon the person, some women benefit from one or more of the following: a breast augmentation to increase volume (cup size), a breast lift, or a breast reduction.

A mommy makeover can address all breast-related concerns post-pregnancy. In addition, this procedure addresses tummy changes that can occur.


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Changes to the Tummy

As pregnancy progresses and the baby grows, the skin and muscles must stretch to accommodate the baby’s size. Ligaments get more pliable, allowing the entire abdomen to expand. Hormones during pregnancy may also cause fat to accumulate in the abdomen, hips, and thighs.

After delivery, a woman may find that her muscles won’t get flat, no matter how many sit ups she does. Additionally, she may have loose or extra skin that won’t go away as well as stubborn fat remaining in certain places no matter how much weight she loses.

The mommy makeover solution for these issues can include a combination of a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and/or liposuction. Your plastic surgeon can help you decide which procedures will benefit you the most.


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