Mommy Makeover Helps Restore Confidence by A. Abraham Levin, MD of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY.
What procedures are done in a mommy makeover | NYC & Long Island plastic surgeons

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The mommy makeover has become extremely popular in NYC, Long Island, and beyond. In our centers, we see many post-pregnancy mothers looking to get their figure back after giving birth.

But is this procedure effective?


Why Mommy Makeovers Are Preferred

A single cosmetic procedure isn’t able to target the multiple areas affected by pregnancy. This is why the mommy makeover procedure is more popular with moms today.

Breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction surgery are great on their own. However, if a mom also has loose skin and lax tummy muscles leftover after surgery, she likely won’t be completely happy with her results.

It’s a wiser choice for healthy individuals with multiple issues to get everything addressed at one time while under general anesthesia. This allows for one surgery instead of two, cutting costs and raising safety for the patient.

Not every patient will be an ideal candidate for multiple procedures in one day, so leave that decision to your doctor.

Also to be taken into consideration is the busy life that a mother leads. If she has breast & tummy surgery on two different days, there will be two post-op recovery periods to trek through. The convenience of getting everything done at one time and being able to get back to her normal routine is a huge advantage.


What Procedures Can Be Done?

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According to Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, a plastic surgeon in Pennsylvania, the most commonly requested procedures are breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction. This information was provided in an article published on the website.



Safety Considerations

As with any surgical procedure, safety must be of utmost importance. In the aforementioned article, Dr. Hurwitz explains that his research has led him to conclude that:

  1. There is no statistically significant difference in complication rates for a breast procedure + abdominoplasty versus having only a tummy tuck.
  2. Obesity is the only factor to consider for an unfavorable outcome.
  3. Cardiac, lung, and anesthesia complications do not seem to be increased when tummy tuck and another procedure are done together.
  4. Anesthesia is something to consider. It is unclear whether two two-hour procedures versus one four-hour procedure are safer than the other.

There are several other risk factors and red flags to consider before going under anesthesia or deciding to have a surgical procedure. These will all be discussed with you after providing your doctor with your complete medical history, including medications you’re taking and health conditions you have.


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