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“My husband Dave and my children are just so proud of me and what I’ve achieved through surgery. They think I look great – my lift is better than Barbie’s now,” Hammond reported to NewsDog Media.

This was not a mommy makeover, as many would assume, because she has five children. Hammond says that she wanted to look like Barbie ever since she was a little girl playing with her dolls.

To achieve the look, Hammond received:

  • Regular Botox® injections
  • 3 breast augmentations
  • Breast lift surgery
  • Veneers on her teeth
  • Lip fillers

In addition to the above plastic and cosmetic surgeries, she also regularly uses:

  • Spray tans
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Hair extensions
  • Hair color

Currently, she weighs 91 pounds. Her bra size is 28H.

“Barbie look alike” doesn’t plan on stopping her transformation. She knows she will age with time, so she will need to continue to seek plastic and cosmetic surgeries to maintain her look.

Hammond states, “It’s worth every penny to look like this. I feel happy and secure. I want to age gracefully and when the time comes for me to have a facelift, I won’t hesitate to get one.”


Self-Esteem and Plastic Surgery

Hammond says she had body image issues as a young adult. She told US Weekly, “I was very self-conscious as a young adult. I had small breasts and I felt that my first breast augmentation made me feel confident in myself...”

This is the premise of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. While many people may think she is out of control with her transformation, as long as she does it safely and healthfully, we are happy that she feels good about herself.

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