How Rhinoplasty Rose to the Top of Facial Plastic Surgery by Plastic Surgeon Elie Harouche, MD, FACS

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Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a cosmetic surgery procedure to change the size, shape or contour of the nose.

Clients who feel their nose is too long can shorten the tip of the nose with this procedure, while those who feel their nose is too wide can have the nose narrowed through rhinoplasty.

The surgery can also be performed to reconstruct a nose that has suffered from trauma. It can even be performed to correct breathing problems. It has been performed for decades and is one of the most in-demand cosmetic surgeries in the United States.

Types of Procedures Performed by Our Surgeons

There are a variety of different types of rhinoplasty procedures that we offer to our nose job New York patients along with a variety of ways to perform the surgery. In some cases, incisions are made within the nose to leave no scars after the procedure.

This is called a closed rhinoplasty and is most commonly performed to correct minor issues. For more extensive changes to the nose, open rhinoplasty is generally performed where incisions are made at the base of the nose. This method allows the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team to expose the cartilage and make significant changes to the size, shape and contour of the nose.

Major rhinoplasty is commonly performed under general anesthesia in a hospital but minor rhinoplasty procedures can be done in our own outpatient surgical centers.

Post-Op Dressings and Recovery Times

After the surgery, a splint is applied over the nose to keep the shape while the nose heals. There will be bruising and swelling in varying degrees over the days and weeks that follow.

At the two week appointment following the surgery the splint is generally removed and the results of the rhinoplasty will take time to fully show themselves; this is normal. By the twelve month mark, the final results should be evident.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Options for Rhinoplasty

One of the latest advancements in rhinoplasty is the non-surgical nose job. This procedure can be used by our specially-trained surgeon to minimize the appearance of a bump on the nose, to improve the nose’ symmetry, raise a flat bridge or eliminate depressions in the nose.

The surgical alternative offers benefits such as a quicker procedure at a lower risk than the traditional surgical option and there is less downtime following the procedure.

This type of procedure is also less expensive than traditional rhinoplasty. It involves the injection of a choice of dermal fillers that are usually administered during a series of treatments carried out at four to six week intervals. The intervals allow the body to adjust to the filler in increments so the final result of each injection is seen before another is administered.

While the non-surgical nose job is a convenient alternative, it is not appropriate for clients wishing for a smaller nose, a narrower tip, deviated septum, or a thinner nasal bridge.

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