Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Reveals Gynecomastia Struggles. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

Jeremiah Mastrogiacomo has been suffering from gynecomastia since he hit puberty at 13 years old. At 19 today, he’s still suffering from his enlarged male breasts.

Mastrogiacomo is a mixed martial arts fighter who is doing well in his career. The only problem that he continues to deal with is his “man boobs.”

Ineffective Weight Loss

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Reveals Gynecomastia Struggles. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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Two years ago, he hoped losing weight would take care of the size of his breasts, but unfortunately, it didn’t. Since this condition is not only comprised of fatty tissue, losing weight doesn’t work. It’s the glandular tissues that also need to be removed surgically to reverse gynecomastia.

Painful Emotions

The teen often discusses how his chest hurts his self-image, and how his confidence is affected in relationships. Even with all of his success, the appearance of his breasts is still taking precedence when it comes to how he views himself.

Many young and older men can relate with this statement from Mastrogiacomo, “I look good with [a] t-shirt, but when I take the t-shirt off it’s noticeable.”

The doctors told him that during puberty, there was a hormonal imbalance in which too much estrogen was produced. This is what caused overgrowth of the breast glands. This causes a protruding of the nipples, which is extremely hard to hide under clothing.

“It feels like an alien on my body,” he says when describing how he can feel them swaying.

During his teen years, he became overweight due to poor eating habits (eating over 5000 calories a day). At the time, he believed his condition was due to the excess fat on his body. He would often look in the mirror and tell himself that he wasn’t good enough for anything. Because of this self-bullying, he’s never had a serious relationship. He’s also never been able to go to the beach and take his shirt off.

The Future Looks Bright

After researching online, the MMA fighter decided to consult with a plastic surgeon that said he would need to get to healthy weight before surgical correction could be done. Now, he has achieved that healthy weight, and he’s trying to raise awareness about the condition as well as money to have male breast reduction.

“Having surgery would be the last part of my transformation.”

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