After receiving rhinoplasty surgery (or a nose job as many affectionately call it), some patients have reported falling into a slump regarding their new look.

It is not uncommon and can certainly happen to anyone, but at our rhinoplasty Long Island and New York City centers we want you, as our patient, to be fully prepared and aware of what is to come so that you do not end up feeling less than fabulous.

Mentally Preparing Yourself Before Getting a Nose Job in NY

Making the decision and scheduling the appointment for your rhinoplasty surgery is a big step. Once you have done this, and even before, you should start actively visualizing what your new nose will look like.

You have lived with your current nose for your entire life and even though you feel unhappy with the way it looks or the way it functions, you are familiar with it and the way it looks with your facial features. The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team, understands how you feel.

One way of getting your mind around the idea of what your new nose will look like is to use of many online, cell phone, or iPad apps that can simulate what the end results may look like.

While this will be a fun and good way to picture what the outcome will be, you must keep in mind that it will most likely not be a perfectly accurate portrayal of what your nose will end up looking like. It will simply begin to wrap your mind around the visual concept of a new nose.

What to Expect After Nose Job Surgery

The days and weeks following your surgery, performed at our rhinoplasty New York City or Long Island surgical centers, will be the most vulnerable time for the mood-change to set in.

This is because, as with any kind of surgical procedure, swelling and bruising will occur. You will have bandages, soreness, and medications to be worrying about during this time.

What you see in the mirror during the healing phase will not be the final result, due to all of those factors. You must be patient and continue a line of positive thinking until you can really take in what your newly reconstructed nose looks like on normal terms!

What to Do If the Nose Job Blues Hit

On the off chance that the blues do creep up on you after you have had your surgery, there are a few things you can do:

  • Seek encouragement through family and friends.
  • Make a list of all the reasons you decided to have the procedure.
  • Continue on with daily life and don’t retreat into hiding!
  • Familiarize yourself with your new nose in the mirror and teach your brain that this is now the norm.
  • In extreme cases, seek psychiatric help.

Defeat The Slump Before It Even Has a Chance To Hit!

Feeling down after having this procedure is an uncommon occurrence as most patients come out the other side feeling ecstatic about their new look! If you take the proper steps in preparing your mind before surgery, then you too will be perfectly well afterward.

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