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Men See Ample Benefits from SmartLipo Treatment

smartlipo_long_island_smartlipo_manhattan_for_menWhere women have certain areas on the body that are prone to holding onto stubborn fat, men do as well.  With the highly effective treatment provided by our SmartLipo experts, men can find relief from love handles, double chin, man-boobs and other challenges with fat.

Men are somewhat unique in that many feel the best way to sculpt the body to perfect contours is to work out harder, longer, better.  The truth is, however, that diet and exercise, while very efficient for creating a healthy physique, may not be the only available solution.

In our NYC & Long Island cosmetic surgery centers, we see men who have struggled for years, thinking that the issue of gynecomastia, or man boobs, is purely related to weight.

Post-Op Lifestyle Tips

Some men with gyencomastia will exercise beyond what is necessary for health, and still suffer lowered confidence when excess breast tissue does not disappear.  Treatment helps men to rid themselves of stubborn fat that settles onto the sides, breasts, or other areas.  After treatment, the diet and exercise program that the patient maintains will be sufficient to keep the body in the shape most conducive to total self confidence.

The procedure, performed in our AAAHC accredited Long Island surgical centers, is completed with the use of laser technology, which allows for smaller tools to be used during surgery.  Very safe and effective, SmartLipo requires only local anesthetic.  After this has been administered, a micro-cannula of only about 1mm is inserted into tiny incisions in the treatment area.

Inside the cannula is a small laser fiber, which liquefies fat cells so they are very easily suctioned out of the body.  This aspect of the procedure is what makes laser liposuction far superior to traditional liposuction procedures, due to the fact that there is less bleeding and subsequent bruising post-surgery.

An added benefit to the laser technology is the tightening of the skin, leading to smooth, taut body contours.  Laser lipo, thanks to the use of tiny tools, also allows patients to address smaller areas of fat that may have previously been challenging to eliminate.

For instance, treatment may remove fat from the neck, chin, and upper arms without complication.  Further, because the cannula used in this procedure is so small, incisions heal better with less instances of significant scarring.  In most cases, incisions will heal on their own and will appear only as a small spot on the skin.

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Men, just as much as women, want to feel great about the appearance of their body.  To get the ideal body contours you’ve been wanting, call us at 631.499.1831 or 212.206.0023 for your free consultation.

Join the ranks of satisfied men who have taken advantage of this effective treatment. With our special pricing, laser liposuction with SmartLipo is affordable!

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