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Marilyn Monroe may have been a gorgeous woman who died tragically early, but even she took some steps to enhance her natural beauty during a time when plastic surgery was still very uncommon.

Earlier this month, x-ray records of Marilyn Monroe’s skull, along with accompanying plastic surgery records indicate that she had some work done. The x-rays are dated just a few months before her death in 1962.

Monroe’s Surgeries

The x-ray photos were taken by the late Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Gurdin, because Monroe was worried she had broken her nose. Prior to this incident, however, she had had plastic surgery on her nose and chin.

The records showed she had had several health problems, including complications with her cosmetic surgery. The documents did not reveal her real name, but they were confirmed to be Marilyn Monroe’s medical records.

A Large Price Tag

So why would someone want to purchase something as personal and un-glamorous as medical records and x-rays? For most celebrities, such an item probably wouldn’t fetch much, but Marilyn Monroe has captivated America for so many years, even following her death, that medical records commanded a high sum.

Though the buyer remains anonymous, Virginia Postrel (author The Power of Glamour: Longing and the Art of Visual Persuasion) speculates the buyer is likely a scholar or journalist. Whoever purchased the records paid a hefty sum: $26,500 at auction. Other Marilyn memorabilia sold for much more.

A Good Cause

Proceeds from the sale went to help Rebuilding America’s Troops (RAW), an organization which helps veterans get necessary plastic surgery after being wounded. This use of the money is a comfort to those who thought the sale of the records was in poor taste and disrespectful.

Present-Day Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has come a long way since Marilyn Monroe went in for her x-rays. Cosmetic procedures are safer than ever, and focus on natural-looking results that are customized and long lasting.

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