Many women come to our office seeking a flatter tummy. Most of these women have been working out for a while, and while they have lost weight, their abdominal area doesn’t seem to lose inches the way they wish it would.

They believe that SmartLipo could be the answer, and they are right. However, we would like to let our patients know something important BEFORE they have this procedure.

Smart Lipo Takes It Away – It Doesn’t Keep It Away

maintaining Smartlipo Results - Tip from Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York.

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Smartlipo is an excellent way to remove unwanted fat from many parts of the body. With laser, we liquefy the fat and then suck it out. Since it’s difficult to get all of the liquefied fat out of the body, the remainder gets flushed out of the body naturally. All that is left behind is a flatter tummy.

You are the only one that can assure that these results will be permanent. Smart Lipo is only effective at removing the fat from your trouble spots; it doesn’t do anything to keep it away. If you eat too much and don’t exercise regularly, you will see fat accumulating in those areas again. For many people, the abdominal area is the easiest area to gain fat in; it’s also the hardest place to lose it.

Don’t become discouraged by this information. Many people have the SmartLipo procedure, and use it as motivation to start living a healthier and more active lifestyle. There’s nothing more satisfying than looking in the mirror at an abdominal area you’ve always wanted.

You will feel so good about yourself, and likely want to maintain your beautiful new look. You will finally feel that motivation to treat your body as it deserves – with the best care possible through healthy eating and exercise.

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The fat in your midsection may never budge on its own. Smartlipo gets in there and removes it, helping you feel as though all of that work has been worth it.

Contact our cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Commack, Long Island or NYC, Manhattan today for more information about our Smart lipo procedure. We can help you determine whether it’s the right fat removal procedure for you by answering your questions and giving you all the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

A healthier lifestyle may start with a flatter tummy! Contact our team of expert surgeons today.

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