Lost Weight? You May Need Body Lift Surgery. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC

Losing weight can come with mixed results. You’re excited that you’ve been able to reach that magical number on the scale, but loose skin makes you wonder if it was worth all of the dieting and exercising.

The good news is that you don’t have to regret your decision to lose weight. You can do something about the excess skin!

Body Lift Surgery

Lost Weight? You May Need Body Lift Surgery. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC

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Body lift surgery, also known as belt lipectomy, is a common procedure for people who have lost a lot of weight. The goal of this procedure is to remove stretched out, extra skin that’s left over after the fat is gone.

This procedure can be done on the:

  • Arms
  • Breasts
  • Legs/thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Groin (inner thigh)
  • Abdomen

As you can see, the lift can target the entire body. The procedure tightens the body, so it looks lean and healthy. Some patients do not need a lift in all of these areas. A cosmetic or plastic surgeon will be able to decide which ones are most needed during a pre-op appointment.

About the Procedure

Body lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. An anesthesiologist will be present to administer the anesthesia since the patient needs monitoring during the procedure.

Surgery begins when the patient is comfortably under the influence of anesthesia. Vitals are taken regularly to ensure the patient is tolerating the anesthesia well. Our number one commitment is to the health and safety of our patients.

During the procedure of removing excess fat and skin, the plastic surgeon may decide to use SmartLipo™ laser liposuction to tighten the area. SmartLipo™ targets fat cells and then destroys them. The laser does not damage tissues, blood vessels, or nerves, which means it can result in less blood loss and bruising.

This uniquely effective procedure offers recipients smooth, tight, and beautiful looking skin, and can be the final touch to a great-looking body lift.

Want More Information about Body Lift Surgery in New York?

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