male breast reduction

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Summer is fast approaching. With the heat, you probably want to take off your shirt. As much as you want to, is there something holding you back?

Enlarged male breasts should never hold you back from getting relief from the summer heat. You can do something about them.

With a male breast reduction, you’ll be able to get rid of what you’re so embarrassed about. You can finally take your shirt off and smile at the fact that you have a great looking chest to show off.

Facing Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia can happen in infancy, during puberty and between the ages of 50 to 80 in men. It’s hormonal and has to do with a decreased level of testosterone and increased level of estrogen.

When these hormones are out of balance, a man can develop “female-like breasts,” which is what the term “gynecomastia” means in Greek.

About Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction or gynecomastia surgery is a common procedure today for males of all ages. All that’s needed is intravenous sedation and local anesthetic. Only on rare occasions is general anesthesia recommended. The cosmetic surgeon will determine what is best for the procedure being performed.

If the gynecomastia is due to excess fatty tissue, liposuction may only be needed. If there is excess skin along with fatty tissue, an excision technique might be needed. This removes the glandular breast tissue to remove the protruding breasts and tighten the skin.

Recovery from Gynecomastia Surgery

A small tube may be placed under the skin to help drain some of the blood and fluid from the incision area. Pain medications may be prescribed with special instruction on how to care for the incision areas.

Most patients should wait two weeks before starting light exercise. A follow up appointment is needed to ensure the areas are healing as expected.

Getting Your Male Breasts Removed

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