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For a seventeen-month old toddler from the UK, American heroes in New York City came to his rescue and saved his vision. This desperate wish came true through the generous giving of volunteer plastic surgeons at Lenox Hill Hospital. The doctors are part of the charity organization Little Baby Face Foundation

Dr. Thomas Romo III explained in a recent interview with Fox News on February 5, 2015 that the little boy, Colby Ramos-Francis, was doing well and would be discharged from the hospital that day.

Dangers of Facial Tumors on the Eyes

For Colby, the location of the tumor was on the upper eyelid, partially obscuring his vision and even oozing at times as it stretched his eyelid and broke his delicate skin.

Though his parents had sought treatment in Britain, the doctors in the UK had been unable to guarantee good results and had been unable to reduce the swelling through medications such as steroids. Additionally, the wait time for surgery was much too great.

With a tumor of this location and size, the potential to cause irreparable damage to the eyelid is a real possibility as well as the issue of carefully removing it without compromising his vision.

This could happen due to post-operative scarring, loss of the upper eyelid, or accidental damage to the eyeball during tumor removal.

Who is The Little Baby Face Foundation?

This medical non-profit, founded in 2012, was established to provide medical services to infants and children with birth defects and deformities. The organization caters specifically to families who are unable to afford medical attention.

In this case, New York City plastic surgeons came together to provide The Little Baby Face Foundation with their time, expertise, and treatment space to perform the surgery and give Colby a chance at a normal life.

The services provided to the family are estimated to be around $15,000 USD which includes medical care, plane tickets, and a place to stay.

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