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The Pride Parade in Chicago celebrates the achievements the gay community has made over the years. It brings people together who want to share their love for one another. Unfortunately, many of the celebrants were disheartened due to a float that didn’t send the message it intended.

Chicago Liposuction created a float for the parade that had messages on it that said, “Say NO to man boobs!” and “Don’t love your love handles?” There were also children holding signs up that read, “We Will Suck Your Fat!”

These messages were intended to be a funny way to describe the clinic’s specializations. Parade goers, however, didn’t feel it was funny at all. Richard Pfeiffer, the parade coordinator, said that the float was insensitive because many people in the LGBT community suffer from body image issues.

Statistics reveal that gay men make up 42 percent of all men with eating disorders. The International Journal of Eating Disorders reports that 15 percent of men who are gay or bisexual admit to struggling with an eating disorder. Body image is a serious concern for everyone, but especially gay men, which is why the float was not well received.

While Chicago Liposuction has apologized for any offense they have made, they also want everyone to know that they support people of all shapes and sizes, and that they only wanted to help people love themselves.

A Personal Reflection

We would like to take this opportunity to tell our readers that we honor everyone – no matter their shape, size, or color. As a plastic and cosmetic surgeons, our only wish is for you to love your body and live happily in your own skin.

We will never impose any belief of what the “perfect” body should look like – we make the changes that our patients express to us that they want done. One of the ultimate joys in life is to be happy in your own skin, and be able to love yourself for exactly who you are.

Our entire team would like to salute you for caring about yourself, and doing what makes you (and only you) happy.

Cheers to loving yourself,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team