Women are beautiful no matter what. However, many ladies want to change their appearance in some way to achieve an enhancement to their appearance. The following is one of the ways I have been able to help some of my patients get a body they are proud of.

Levin’s Shelf with the Brazilian Butt Lift

“Levin’s Shelf” Gives Women a Perky, Sensuous Butt - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York

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As the Medical & Surgical Director of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, I bring over thirty-five years of cosmetic surgical experience to this team. One of the many procedures I currently perform is the Brazilian butt lift, or BBL.

In this procedure, I perform a fat transfer. Adipose tissue is removed via liposuction from one or more areas of the body and injected into the buttocks for a shapelier backside. In all my years of doing BBLs, I pride myself in being able to achieve terrific results. One of the techniques I use is what I like to call “Levin’s Shelf.”

Many surgeons work on the area right above the buttocks in the lower back. When this area is reduced, it makes the butt look more prominent. With “Levin’s Shelf,” I enhance the lowest part of the butt where it meets the upper thigh. By placing the liquefied fat into the area just above the fold in the buttocks, it creates a shelf, which produces a lifted look with amplified projection.

After the butt is lifted, additional fat can be injected into the buttocks in the center and side areas to achieve the size and shape desired by the patient. The bigger size, rounder shape, and lift from “Levin’s Shelf” make the buttocks look perkier, more sensuous, and more prominent.

I have fallen in love with “Levin’s Shelf” and so have my patients. I’ve had some people come in for a consultation specifically asking me for similar results that they knew someone else achieved with my BBL procedure. It’s why I wanted to take this time to let you all know about it, so you can ask for it by name – Levin’s Shelf.

Another unique technique that I use is that I finish all of my BBL procedures with laser liposuction so that the areas where fat has been harvested are tightened, smooth, and looking amazing. No one else that I know of is doing this!

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