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Gigantomastia is a medical condition that causes breast tissue to grow to abnormally large proportions. In patients with this condition, breasts can become triple the size of a normal breast size (36 C in America) or larger.

For a woman named Kerisha Mark, her gigantomastia had caused many more problems than just making it difficult to find clothing that fit her super-sized breasts. Her physical pain was getting out of control and breast reduction surgery was her only hope. Here’s more about her story.

Why Large Breasts Cause Pain

Women with large breasts experience moderate to severe pain in the back, shoulders and neck due to the weight of the breast tissue.

Wearing a bra large enough to support that amount of tissue causes the shoulder straps to press down into the shoulder muscles, causing pressure-based pain.

The neck and upper back areas also suffer because the weight of the breasts pulls the upper body in a downward direction (due to gravity) and requires the person to compensate for gravity by forcing her body into the opposite direction of where it is being pulled. This causes tremendous muscle strain on the entire upper body.

Breast reduction surgery is the only option for patients with gigantomastia.

Kerisha’s Story

In a story published by American Health & BeautyTM, Kerisha’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose was interviewed. He and his happy patient revealed her before pictures and after results on January 5, 2015 on The Doctors TV show.

Kerisha retold her story on the show and revealed that at about 18 years old, her breasts were already an “H” cup. During her adult life, they continued to grow out of control until they reached a “NNN” size.

She was now in severe pain daily including muscles spasms in her back, constant neck pain, severe headaches, and emotional trauma due to rude reactions from people she encountered.

Dr. Rose described her breast size in terms that were much easier to understand than just saying, “She’s a triple N.” He describes her breasts as being “the size of two or three basketballs” in each breast!

Looking for a Breast Reduction Surgery Specialist in NYC or Long Island?

A plastic surgeon that specializes in this procedure is the only way to ensure that you get the best results with as few complications as possible. This surgery is a major undertaking and you want to be sure your plastic surgeon knows what they are doing.

As Dr. Rose explained on The Doctors TV show, it’s not so much what you remove from the breasts, it’s what you choose to leave behind that determines how well the shape and size will turn out after surgery.

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