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In recent news, the attention has been on Kris Jenner’s ex-husband Bruce Jenner for coming out recently with his decision to fully transition to a female.

However, Kris still shines in the spotlight. In a recent episode of E! Television’s new show Good Work, she reveals some details about her plastic surgery history that probably won’t surprise you.


Multiple Breast Augmentation Procedures

As many moms today opt for, Kris Jenner decided that she was unhappy with her breasts after having four children. In the 1980’s, she had a breast augmentation with silicone breast implants to provide her with volume and breast lift.

She explains that she had those same implants until just a few years ago. She said that she suddenly “felt matronly” and decided to have the large implants taken out and more modestly sized implants put in.

At age 59 and being in the public eye constantly, it’s no wonder she wants to look as youthful as possible.


Facial Procedures Kris Jenner Did and Did Not Have

What she did have done to her face includes BOTOX® Cosmetic, facial fillers, and laser skin treatments which help reduce sun damage, fine lines/wrinkles, and causes the skin to produce more collagen.

She specifically stated that she has never had a nose job. She proudly remarks that it’s the “same nose I was born with”. There must be some great genetics going on because Kris and all of her daughters have symmetrical, beautiful noses. She also clarifies that none of her daughters have had their noses done either.

You can watch the full interview with RuPaul from the TV show here.


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