Before After Celebrity Plastic Surgery
Before After Celebrity Plastic Surgery

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Kim Zolciak made a name for herself when she decided to join the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She now has her own reality show named after her song “Don’t be Tardy.”

In her show, she puts her life on display as a wife and mother. She has six children, with 4 of them very close in age. Recently, she has been receiving some criticism concerning her plastic surgery.

Following Zolciak’s surgery, she posted revealing pictures of her stomach and chest. Fans of the celebrity remarked how beautiful she looks, while those not as thrilled with her transformation started to criticize her use of plastic surgery to appear as though she didn’t have children. Many said that her body isn’t a fair portrayal of mothers.

Fair Portrayal or Enhancement of Her Natural Beauty?

Zolciak didn’t enjoy the comments she received about her body. She feels that plastic surgery only enhanced her already beautiful body. She told her followers that she was already a size 4 before the surgery.

She just ended up toning her abdominal area and improved the look of her breasts. To prove she doesn’t look as different from plastic surgery as many people want to believe, she posted a before and after photo of her stomach here.

Zolciak does not deny she had a tummy tuck. She does deny that it is the reason why her body looks so good. She attributes her surgery mostly to a hernia she needed to have repaired. She figured that as long as she was getting the hernia fixed, she might as well have the rest of the area repaired.

Some People Are Naturally Thin

If you’ve ever watched her reality show, you don’t see Zolciak leading a healthy lifestyle. You often see her eating candy and remarking that she doesn’t exercise. No one knows what she does behind cameras.

With her size, she likely doesn’t binge on chocolate and other high fat foods (or, she’s just naturally thin). She’s also taken some photos in her home gym that indicate she is exercising. That’s where it all starts. Working out and eating a healthy diet is how you start transforming your body back to the way it was before having children.

When a Healthy Lifestyle Isn’t Enough

Eating and exercising are sometimes not enough. Many women end up with loose, flabby skin following pregnancy. Their breasts can also tend to sag because of hormones and breast size changes during pregnancy & nursing.

To tighten these areas, these women can seek plastic surgery or a “mommy makeover” as a resolution. A healthy approach is to combine the benefits of surgery with a healthy lifestyle to achieve the body you want.

If you’re a mother looking for help with a hernia repair or loose skin left after having children, contact us. We help many moms with tightening the abdominal area and restoring the breasts to the firmness and size the patient once had.

We help with this by performing a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) along with a breast augmentation and sometimes a breast lift to bring back a patient’s overall figure to what they had before pregnancy.

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