We’re proud of Kendra Wilkinson. She recently posted on Instagram a selfie nothing like we’ve ever seen before – her real mommy belly.

The photo she shared with her fans was complete with wrinkles, stretchmarks, and bulge. She didn’t write that she was ashamed of it, but rather, she was proud. After all, her mommy belly is a direct result of having her two children.

Shedding Light on the Reality of Post-Baby Belly

Kendra Wilkinson Bares Mommy Belly - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

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Kendra’s belly selfie isn’t uncommon. Many women end up with a similar belly after having children. Genetics often play a part in whether women end up with stretchmarks or loose, wrinkly skin. Moisturizer can help ease the skin into its stretching journey, but for many women, they still end up with relaxed skin, stretch marks, wrinkles, etc.

Please understand this is normal. There is nothing wrong with you or your skin if you end up with “mommy marks” after having baby. Carrying a baby is a lot of work for your body. It has to change to accommodate a growing fetus, and that means your skin needs to stretch to extraordinary extremes.

It’s all worth it, though! The result is a beautiful human being. This is how Kendra feels. Yes, she went from having a tight, Playboy worthy stomach to sporting loose skin with ripples, but that’s perfectly fine with her. She wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, as she has often told her fans.

What Can Be Done about the Mommy Belly

If the changes to your belly bother you, something can be done. It’s wise to wait until after you’ve finished having children before considering a tummy tuck (also called an abdominoplasty).

Abdominoplasty with our New York cosmetic and plastic surgeons removes loose skin from the abdominal area. Usually, most stretch marks are also removed along with the skin. How many are removed depends upon how high or wide they stretch on the abdomen.

After removing the excess skin, the remaining skin is stretched downward and attached to the half-moon shaped lower abdominal incision to give the patient a smooth, flat tummy. Most patients experience a dramatic fading of the scar (which stretches from hop bone to hip bone under the panty line), which is placed low enough for a bikini bottom to cover it.

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