It’s a competitive job market out there right now, and job-hunters are constantly searching for little ways to give them an edge to get employers’ attention. Whether it’s knowing someone involved with the company or having unique qualifications, any little detail could make the difference between landing a job and remaining unemployed.

Unfortunately, with such a large pool of candidates to choose from, some employers are choosing to overlook older workers.


How Anti-Aging Treatments Can Improve Your Career

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As the Baby Boomer workforce is aging, those in this group are finding it more and more difficult to find stable jobs. This may be due to stereotypes having to do with this group’s ability to learn technology, their demand for higher salaries, the assumed likelihood that they will retire after a few years, and more.

One such Boomer, 55-year-old Ronna Felsky (name changed), doesn’t buy these preconceived notions. As she told the Philadelphia Business Journal, she’s looking for a job that she will keep for a decade or longer, and won’t need to take time off to raise children.

Unfortunately, many older workers are still overlooked despite impressive skill sets and a willingness to stay with a company.

Getting an Edge with Plastic Surgery

So what are some older workers doing to get an extra edge? Getting plastic surgery. Ms. Felsky elected to undergo eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty to regain a more youthful appearance. Plastic surgeons are seeing a trend of older workers getting anti-aging procedures to help get a job or retain their current position.

As Felsky stated, “I look at this as a competition. I have to sell myself to potential employers. If I’m looking old and haggard that’s going to be a minus… People my age aren’t getting hired; they’re getting buyouts or getting laid off.”

Will plastic surgery land an older worker a job? No, but it could certainly help stave off the detrimental effects of being perceived as too old.

Plastic Surgery in New York

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