Lil Kim has undergone a few plastic surgeries the past few years. Recently, her appearance has changed significantly, which has led many people to ask, “Is Lil addicted to plastic surgery?”

About Lil Kim’s Transformation

Lil Kim Addiction to Plastic Surgery - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

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Lil Kim has been posting photos of herself on Instagram over the last year. Right now, she is almost unrecognizable when her recent photos are compared to those from a few years ago. According to the website Page Six, it appears she may have spent as much as $25,000 on cosmetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty, cheek implants, a chin implant, and skin bleaching.

It’s obvious she’s done something with her skin because she much lighter than before. This is usually achieved with lightening peels or topical creams.

Signs of Plastic Surgery Addiction

A sign of plastic surgery addiction is seeking excessive cosmetic procedures over a short period of time, and not finding satisfaction with the results. This is despite achieving exactly what the patient desires.

Those addicted to plastic surgery will continue to seek procedures even though they are negatively affecting their life. Job loss, relationship problems, and even homelessness can be consequences of a plastic surgery addiction.

Some people even file bankruptcy due to the money spent on their procedures, or tend to take excessive unexcused absences from work. Relationships may start to suffer because the person focuses on his or herself more than on the people who love them.

Addicts are more willing to put themselves at risk. For example, if Lil Kim had lightening peels, that can thin the skin and cause irreversible damage. Lightening can also cause nerve damage because it contains mercury. Often times, people addicted to plastic surgery will disregard the advice of plastic and cosmetic surgeons and will search for surgeons who are willing to perform surgery despite the risks.

If you or someone you love may be addicted to plastic surgery, it’s best to speak to a mental health professional. This person can help you discover what has caused the addiction and come up with ways to help you realize and appreciate your true beauty.

Addicted to Plastic Surgery: Here’s What to Do

Plastic and cosmetic surgery should be used as a way to enhance your existing beauty. If you’re unable to feel beautiful after a successful plastic surgery, it may be necessary to find out why, especially if you’re considering several more procedures. Get the help you need from a mental health professional, especially if a plastic or cosmetic surgeon has mentioned the possibility of addiction.

Free consultations are available with the plastic and cosmetic surgeons at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York in our Manhattan / NYC and Commack, Long Island offices. We schedule appointments throughout the week (including evenings) and on Saturdays. Meeting with us is the best way to find out if you truly need another procedure or may be crossing the line into addiction.