By Elie Harouche, MD, FACS.

Is Labiaplasty the New “Down There” Standard? By Elie Harouche, MD, FACS.

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In a colorful article posted on the Ravishly website, the statement “How Labiaplasty Surgery Helped Me Love My Vagina” was presented.

Why even think about such things? Is this the ultimate in vanity or simply a necessity for some women?

As a plastic surgeon, I firmly believe that it can be a little bit of both…and there’s nothing wrong with that. To each, her own.

A Prettier "Kitty" With Labiaplasty

When it comes to appearance alone, the labia come in a variety of shapes, sizes, lengths, and colors. Some women have darker labia while others have a light rosy hue.

Neither shade is more beautiful than the other, of course, but for women whose labia hang down quite a bit farther than their vulva, the appearance can be annoying.

When the labia grow longer on one side than the other, the color of the labia isn’t the only concern.

Many women who come in for labiaplasty also describe feeling insecurity over their uneven appearance. It’s a very sad situation when a woman avoids intimacy simply because she’s afraid of exposing herself.

In the Ravishly article, the author describes her feelings prior to and after surgery. Although none of the author’s sexual partners or gynecologist mentioned anything about her labia, she still felt like she needed to be evened up in length.

She says she practiced daily (and naked) positive self-talk and body admiration until she was extremely comfortable with and proud of her body.

Still, labiaplasty was a very personal decision she made for herself.

It’s not right for everyone and should be considered a serious decision after speaking with a plastic surgeon about the risks and complications related to this procedure.

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Issues such as extremely long labia can make it difficult to maintain proper hygiene. It can also make sitting down and sexual intercourse extremely uncomfortable.

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*Labiaplasty may not be right  procedure for everyone; this surgery carries risks for complications. Please discuss these risks with your doctor before deciding to have surgery. This blog post is an opinion piece and should not be considered medical advice nor should it be used as a substitute for seeking the advice and treatment of a medical doctor.