If you have gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement, you may be desperate for a non-surgical fix. You’ve probably tried exercises, pills, and even topical creams to try and reduce your breast fat and glandular tissue.

Unfortunately, these superficial “fixes” don’t work. The fat won’t burn off (as is evident in very thin patients with gynecomastia). Additionally, breast gland tissue must be surgically removed in order to get a flat chest contour.

If you’re considering the only permanent solution to gynecomastia (which is surgery) and you live in NYC or Long Island, please read more to learn whether or not this procedure is worth it.


Is Gynecomastia Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Is surgery worth the cost? Though the physical and emotional signs of this condition are evident to the sufferer and his family and friends, medical insurance in New York State will likely not cover this procedure.

Deemed an “elective” or “cosmetic” surgery by the health insurance industry as a whole, it is the exception and not the rule when this procedure is covered to any degree by medical insurance.

If you’ve had gynecomastia for at least two years and it has not gone away on its own, see your medical doctor for blood work and to have the condition medically diagnosed and stated as such in your medical record.

Then, contact your health insurance company to find out whether male breast reduction is covered. Keep in mind that if you have been on any prescription medications during the time your condition developed, you should let your doctor know immediately.

Some lawsuits have recently been brought against pharmaceutical companies and awards are being given in some court cases. Regardless, start saving up for your surgery so you can get money saved up. This can also help lift some of the feelings of hopelessness because you have something to look forward to.

Finally, decide how much money you can put down as well as how much you’ll need to finance. Many plastic and cosmetic surgeons, including those at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, offer financing to help you afford surgery now and not have to wait.


Patients Say Gynecomastia Surgery Is Definitely Worth It

According to reviews on RealSelf.com, the “Worth It” rating for male breast reduction is 93% satisfaction. In our own gynecomastia surgery NYC & Long Island offices, patients rave about being able to wear what they want, go shirtless, and lose the insecurity that has plagued them for years.

Come in today for a free consultation. We have appointment centers in Commack, Long Island and Manhattan, NYC. We look forward to helping you take back your confidence again!