Back to school plastic surgery trend with teens by A. Abraham Levin, MD.

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By A. Abraham Levin, MD.

In a new article on Yahoo! Parenting, several doctors weighed in on teens increasingly getting plastic surgery during summer break.

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Why is Summer Such a Popular Time?

When school is out, the doctor is in. Or, so says plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn. In fact, he explained that summer surgery is the norm in his offices for about 40% of his patients. This is especially the case with teachers and students.

Other times of the year when plastic surgeons are booked include breaks such as spring break and winter break. Procedures with faster recovery times (such as laser liposuction) would be ideal for the shorter breaks while summer is best for major procedures such as facelift, eye lift, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and tummy tuck.


Teen Plastic Surgery: A Summer Trend in New York & Beyond

Instead of thinking about summer camp and a job, many teens have plastic surgery on their mind. The statistics in 2013 from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) showed that about 64,000 teens had plastic surgery that year.

For adults and teens alike, the most influential factor affecting this trend is social media. The selfie has already sparked the adult population to undergo nose jobs, wrinkle treatments, liposuction, and lip augmentation. Teens are now also becoming more self-critical due to how they see themselves on social media.

The other theory is that celebrity plastic surgery has prompted teens to feel like it’s not such a taboo subject anymore. When 17-year-old reality star Kylie Jenner admitted to lip fillers, teens may have interpreted that as a reason to do the same.


Why Teen Surgery is Riskier

In cases where a teen hasn’t finished developing physically, plastic surgery outcomes can be negatively affected. Also, a teen’s mental and emotional state of mind is often not yet fully matured.

Immaturity can lead teens to make rash decisions about their appearance as well as their perceived “solution”. This is why it’s imperative for parents to pay close attention to their teens and engage them in regular conversations about self-esteem and how things are going for them socially.


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