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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks for millennials. Not only are they following people because they want a sneak peek into their lives via their photos, but they are also following them to admire their beauty. This admiration often segues into something more; wishing to look more like them.

Many of our patients come in with photos saved on their phone of celebrities, such as Chrissy Teigen, Taylor Swift, and Karlie Kloss, all of whom have millions of followers. Many of them point out identifying features of those celebrities such as bigger, bolder eyes, smooth skin, slim jawline, and fuller lips. Some patients want one of these features, while others want more than one to achieve a celebrity look-a-like appearance.

What’s interesting is that most celebrities have had plastic surgery to achieve those looks, so what patients are really trying to achieve is a plastic surgery result. Of course, the underlying look is the foundation of any cosmetic procedure, and it can affect the end result. This is what many people need to realize: plastic surgery can change a person’s appearance, but their starting point is what makes the most difference.

Snapchat and Future Social Networks

Instagram’s Influence on the Plastic Surgery Industry. Instagram’s Influence on the Plastic Surgery Industry

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Instagram isn’t the only social network people are using to dream about what they would love to look like – Snapchat is an influence, too. Snapchat is an instant messaging network where people take selfies, videos, and other pictures to share with their followers. Again, it’s the perception people have about the photos that can influence them to seek plastic surgery.

Social networks are constantly changing. People want real time connections versus text that leaves footprints behind. This means videos and fleeting photos are going to become even more popular than they are now.

The plastic surgery industry will likely continue to be affected by the changes in social networking. People will see what they want, and they will go after it. Is this a bad thing? No, not at all. Admiring photos of people online is no different than seeing them on television, magazines, and social media.

The only difference is that people aren’t just looking at others, but they are examining themselves. They are also taking control of their beauty because of it. The good news is that plastic surgery is available to help them do that; to achieve their ideal look.

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