Recently, vaginal surgery or labiaplasty has increased in popularity. Many people believe it’s due to the rise in the use of yoga pants, which can be revealing for women with larger vaginal labia (outer lips).

But women aren’t the only ones electing to have this surgery; teen girls are getting it, too. It’s not for medical reasons, which can occur when the labia grow larger than average during puberty, resulting in discomfort. The current rise is with teen girls who wish to have labiaplasty for cosmetic reasons.

Social Media Influences

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Besides the popularity of leggings and yoga pants causing many women to seek labiaplasty, social media also has an influence, especially for teen girls. Adolescence is a time of uncertainty about one’s body, and with millions of images online, it can be disconcerting.

What many teens do not realize is that the images they are admiring online have either been photo shopped or the women have been surgically altered. They are not what normal vaginas look like. However, once these altered images are seen, some teen girls set out to obtain the “perfect vagina.”

The Risks

As teens figure out who they are and what they want to be, they often find it difficult to see all sides of a situation, particularly the risks. While plastic surgery is generally considered safe, performing surgery on teens is much riskier. Their body is still developing. Tampering with a body in development can alter what would have been, and that can be potentially devastating.

Furthermore, it can be difficult to know what could happen after the procedure if the vagina continues to develop afterward. This is especially true for the nerve endings, which could be affected with the surgery. Yes, that’s right; sensation could be permanently reduced or eliminated in that area. The risk of this side effect occurring in adults is much lower because they are already fully developed.

Seeking More Information about Labiaplasty

We do not perform labiaplasty on adolescent girls.

However, if you’re a woman interested in learning more about the procedure, please contact us at our Manhattan, New York or Commack, Long Island office. We offer free consultations to new patients so you can better understand the procedure, and make a well-informed decision.

If you’re a teen reading this blog post, please consider waiting until you’re much older to have labiaplasty. You are still growing, and your body still needs to come into its own. Chances are, you may be perfectly happy with your vagina later on when it has developed completely.